Get-DnsServerResourceRecord returns duplicate records when a sub-domain matching the zone exists

While writing a PowerShell script to fix some DNS records, I came across some very strange behavior. I was calling Get-DnsServerResourceRecord and it was returning duplicate results for every record. One result was correct, and the other one looked like it was the fully qualified domain name. The results made no sense to me, and I couldn’t figure out how now to return these extraneous records.
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Get Progress on DFS Replication Database Cloning Import

As I wrote in a previous post, I began using the new DFS Replication database cloning technique to speed up initial sync. Thanks to Ned Pyle’s great How-To on the subject, I was able to tell exactly which events to look for in the event log to get an idea of progress: 2412 for the start of the process, 2416 for progress, 2404 for successful finish, and 2418 for an unsuccessful end (found that one out on my own, whoops!).

Since I clearly had a few hours to kill while the import happened, I wrote up a quick script to show the progress, with estimated time remaining.

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DFSR Database Cloning Import Fails – 0×00001129 – Error 4393 – The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid

Windows 2012 R2 introduces a great feature for speeding up DFS Replication initial sync: Database Cloning. The details are covered very well by Ned Pyle's excellent blog posts, especially this one. Seeing as how this is pretty new stuff, there … [Continue reading]

Remote Desktop Gateway Server is Temporarily Unavailable on SBS 2011 After Uninstalling Exchange Server

There are several causes of the error "Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because the remote desktop gateway server is temporarily unavailable" in Windows SBS 2011. There are a lot of articles that deal with the specifics so I'll go … [Continue reading]

Configure Confluence SMTP with TLS via JNDI for Office 365 Relay

or How To Fix: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection in Confluence JNDI I've been doing Exchange to Office 365 migrations lately and that means on-premises applications and devices can't use the local Exchange … [Continue reading]

Junk Mail Not Syncing on Android Exchange ActiveSync

Junk Email - No Messages

I was asked recently to look at an Android phone that was connected to Exchange via ActiveSync. It was working fine for regular email, but Junk mail was seemingly not coming through.Doesn't sound like too bad a problem to have, but if you have … [Continue reading]