I’ve been a Systems Engineer at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the Servers and Storage group since 2011. I also do some consulting on a variety of projects from general small business stuff to small coding ventures.

I am primarily a Windows administrator and deal with Windows servers and other Microsoft products, but I do dabble in Linux and FreeBSD. I am a VMware Certified Professional (VCP5-DCV).

These days most of my scripting is done in PowerShell or Ruby. I’m pretty good at T-SQL, Windows batch, VBScript, and I dabble in PHP, Perl, bash, Java, and JavaScript. I used to be decent at C/C++, VB, and x86 assembly but I haven’t touched them in years. I’m really loving C# and ASP.NET.

In 2015, I was a technical reviewer for Learning PowerShell DSC by James Pogran. Great book to learn DSC without trudging through forums and blog posts to piece together everything you need.

VMware Certified Professional 5

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